The Crown Prince’s Bath

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This story first appeared on The Hooting Owl in 2023.

A Young Prince must choose between royalty and love while balancing the survival and legacy of his kingdom in 6th Century AD Korea. Find out what happens in this heartwarming, coming of age, Korean historical romance under 20,000 words.


In 6th Century AD, a small kingdom struggles to survive a fierce and bloody campaign to unify the kingdoms on the Korean Peninsula. Crown Prince Joon is eager to produce an heir and secure the throne, but his father, King Jae-sung has other ideas.

Things heat up when a new, beautiful, and clumsy maid is assigned to tend his bath chambers. With his line of succession hanging in the balance, young Prince Joon must quickly learn to navigate treachery and politics in his government in this heartwarming, coming of age, historical romance.