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Scars Fade Away
May 12, 2017
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At every break of dawn Begins a new day of hustles, A ground for new battles As we grope into the unknown, Together, yet somehow still alone.   We struggle with our needs And hide our shameful deeds, Things we have said or thought, That we are proud of not. Under the draining weight of […]
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John Milton the Blind Poet: An Inspirational Life Story
January 20, 2017
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John Milton was a great poet in the 1600s. He is most known for his epic poem Paradise Lost but not many people know the circumstances under which he wrote his most famous works. He was born in December of 1608 in London, England. He studied independently for six years in preparation for his career in […]
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Ludwig Van Beethoven, the Deaf Composer: An Inspirational Life Story
January 13, 2017
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Ludwig van Beethoven was a great pianist and composer in the 1700s and is still considered a musical genius to date. He was born in 1770 in Germany. He was raised by his alcoholic father who took to teaching him music in a rather brutal way. Often he would be flogged, locked in a cellar […]
Achieve the life you want: 6 ways to beat procrastination in 2017
January 10, 2017
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I have been wanting to squeeze in a workout session since before Christmas. I promised myself that I’d steer clear of that holiday weight gain that sticks with you six months into the new year. I keep saying, “I’ll do it later in the afternoon or early tomorrow morning,” but as you know, tomorrow never […]
What to do when you’re feeling left behind
December 23, 2016
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Your cousin is getting married, your best friend just had a baby and your classmate from campus just tweeted #GotMyDreamJob while you’re contemplating a career change. Even Bob from Accounting got a promotion. Meanwhile, your birthday is around the corner and you’re facing the very real possibility of celebrating it alone because that relationship you […]
4 Important Reasons to Start Reading Now
December 2, 2016
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You start to read the sentence and you even grasp the first few words but then your mind trails off. So much to do today…Then you remember yourself and start to read again. This time you make it mid paragraph before your phone chimes. Someone has updated an Instagram photo of themselves on holiday. It […]
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Healing my brokenness: One Woman’s Story
August 26, 2016
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So there I was, broken; broken in every possible form –emotionally, physically, spiritually, sexually… There I was drenched in brokenness, the stench of bitterness reeking off me like alcohol on a drunkard. Bitterness was my vice now, after all, I was a battered woman; battered and beaten down by life, scorned by one too many. I […]

Think of yourself as a river. You chart your own course. Sometimes you meet great cliffs and boulders in your way so you change course, take a different direction and go on your way. You don’t stop there. You are ever flowing. You do not get frozen at this one cliff you cannot bore into. You are not meant to bore into it anyway because your path is much simpler than that! It is by nature, that of effortless ease. So you correct your course and move along.

Sometimes (as a river and as a person), you will find that humans have ‘reclaimed’ land and built their structures on your natural course. When your energy is low, your voice is drowned and you aren’t able to forge your own path, you will find yourself following all these detours that people outside of yourself have placed for you. However, (and this is bound to happen no matter how long it takes), each time you are energized, and you find your voice, you will always follow your natural course of effortless ease and you will sweep away the little bridges and houses and obstructions that people have placed on your path rather assertively. This is what happens in nature and it is what our nature is.

A path of effortless ease