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Short Stories Taste of Mel
Here’s To Us
October 25, 2018
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Previously in Taste of Mel As told by Mel * World Cup season finds me in Ukunda, South Coast for a three-day intercultural conference. Makena hooked me up with this photography gig but I couldn’t bring Sally because she’s taking a videography class. She would’ve been happy to ditch it for the beach but I […]
Poetry by Wanjiru: Refining Fires
November 2, 2017
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Feed these fires in me, Fan the flames in the coal. Turn my heart into a furnace. Unshroud the affection I hold for him. Rouse the love that resides there. Smelt it, forge it, refine it. If it is enduring, Let it emerge as steel. If it is only transient, Subdue these passions I feel, […]