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Against the Grain
November 1, 2018
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A few weeks ago I did an interview with Bett Kinyatti of Craft It. She writes stories of Kenyans in their craft. For her miniseries about Nairobi’s creatives that she’s calling Hunt Like a Hungry Lioness, she picked me to start off. One of the questions she asked during my interview, Mixed Signals, was what makes […]
Body Soul
Healing my brokenness: One Woman’s Story
August 26, 2016
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So there I was, broken; broken in every possible form –emotionally, physically, spiritually, sexually… There I was drenched in brokenness, the stench of bitterness reeking off me like alcohol on a drunkard. Bitterness was my vice now, after all, I was a battered woman; battered and beaten down by life, scorned by one too many. I […]