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Biker's Island Short Stories
Boy’s Toys
December 13, 2018
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  My breath fogs up the helmet visor. Through the haze, I see savanna grass in my peripheral field of vision. Directly above is a wisp of a cloud and a hawk hovering in a mostly clear sky. It’s a great day to be out riding. I might even have enjoyed this view but I […]
Short Stories Taste of Mel
Here’s To Us
October 25, 2018
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Previously in Taste of Mel As told by Mel * World Cup season finds me in Ukunda, South Coast for a three-day intercultural conference. Makena hooked me up with this photography gig but I couldn’t bring Sally because she’s taking a videography class. She would’ve been happy to ditch it for the beach but I […]
Celebrating and Conserving Kenya’s Wetlands
March 14, 2017
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On February 2nd this year I joined other conservationists in celebrating World Wetlands Day – yes, there is such a day. What’s the significance of marking it, you may ask? Wetlands are important as they support livelihoods, the economy and provide ecosystem services like enriching soil, purifying water and sheltering endangered species. If you’ve been […]
Unforgettable Camping in Samburu
March 7, 2017
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Last December I was debating between going for camping in Elementaita with former classmates from photography school, and a Nature Kenya trip to Samburu. Grevy’s zebra: It was great seeing these guys, given that they’re threatened with extinction. It had been a long while since meeting with those photographers, but I had also never been […]
Road Trip to Suswa
February 13, 2017
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Before I started blogging, I hesitated a lot. I didn’t know what I’d be writing about. Being just another blogger was something I feared greatly. Going with the crowd and following trends has never been my cup of tea. As such, it took me very long before making the first post. But a good friend […]