Scars Fade Away
May 12, 2017
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At every break of dawn

Begins a new day of hustles,

A ground for new battles

As we grope into the unknown,

Together, yet somehow still alone.


We struggle with our needs

And hide our shameful deeds,

Things we have said or thought,

That we are proud of not.

Under the draining weight of our guilt,

We carry the yoke that we built,

That we can neither hold our heads high

Nor can we raise our eyes

To send our prayers to the skies,

For self-forgiveness is not nigh.

Sometimes we build bridges

Across undeserving ridges.

They leave us wounded and crying

Bitterly and tirelessly trying

To shield our bleeding heart

From more rejection and hurt.


Truth be told as it is,

We have all gone through tunnels like these

Where loneliness and insecurity reign

And our tears fall like the rain

That we yearn to fly like a dove

In search for the care and love

We desperately need to redeem

And struggle with our self-esteem

Scaling our souls for a chance

To begin self-acceptance.


We are wrong

To think we are barred

From keeping our spirits strong

Even when our efforts are marred.

We rise up after our falls

Tear down obstructing walls

And reach for the stars

Even if we are covered in scars

Because with each passing day

Scars fade away.


About author

Wanjiru Ndung'u

Wanjiru Ndung'u writes fiction, poetry and essays. She is an irretrievable night owl, tea-lover and cat mom. She enjoys books, alternative music, movies and streaming shows.

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