Parable Sunday: Snowflakes
August 28, 2016
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One quiet and peaceful morning, it was snowing. The fluffy snowflakes slowly circled in a captivating dance, slowly falling to earth. Two little snowflakes flying close to each other struck up a conversation and to avoid drifting away from each other, they held each other’s hands. One of the snowflakes said cheerfully, “Flying is such an incredible feeling!”
“We’re not flying,”, replied the second snowflake sadly. “We’re just falling downwards.”

“Soon we’ll reach with the ground and turn into part of that fluffy white blanket!” the cheerful one enthused.
“No, we’re going to meet our death; we’re going to get trampled on when we reach the ground.”
“We will become part of a stream moving out to sea. We will live forever!” said the first snowflake.
“No, we will melt and disappear forever”, objected the second.
Eventually, they got tired of arguing. They let go of each other’s hands, and flew toward the different fates that they had chosen for themselves.

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We all know people who are like the second snowflake. In truth, often times we are the ones who are like the second snowflake. Sometimes the future grows dark and hopeless in our minds and unknowingly, we become sour people who tire others with our melancholy. The crucial takeaway from this parable is that life will happen as it will and we are the ones who determine what our experience of it will be. The choice to be positive and happy is always available to us. The question is, will you choose to be cheerful or resign yourself to bleakness?



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