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John Milton the Blind Poet: An Inspirational Life Story
January 20, 2017
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John Milton was a great poet in the 1600s. He is most known for his epic poem Paradise Lost but not many people know the circumstances under which he wrote his most famous works. He was born in December of 1608 in London, England. He studied independently for six years in preparation for his career in Poetry, during which time he became proficient in 6 languages; Latin, Greek, Hebrew, French, Spanish and Italian.

john milton poetry

John Milton’s poetry is still considered a masterpiece today.

When he was 34 years old, he married his first wife, Mary, when she was only 16 years old, and she bore him four children. During this time, John Milton’s eyesight steadily deteriorated until he went completely blind when he was 43 years old. The next year, Milton lost his first wife and the mother of his children. Four years later he married a second wife, Katherine, but their marriage lasted only two years as once again, death called on his home and Katherine passed away during childbirth.

In the final years of his life, John Milton lived in seclusion in the country after having a brush with the law which led to his arrest. He had written a series of pamphlets advocating radical political topics including the morality of divorce and freedom of the press.He was fined and later released.

He wrote his best works, Paradise lost and Paradise Regained at 59 years old, while completely blind. Soon after he finished a second edition of these works at 66 years old, he died.


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