Fall at your feet
May 27, 2017
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A woman is healed by clasping at your cloak’s hem,

The life and power in your Word completely astounds them.

The man who dines with sinners assigns himself the Messiah’s task?

And true to the voice in the desert, they begin to plot till dusk

With a myriad of questions from resurrection to taxes,

They craft the Saviour’s cross with their chisels and axes.

Grievous and sorrowful, in great anguish you pray,

Awaiting the hour of betrayal, beads of bloody sweat stray…

As your flesh bleeds from the nails and a crown of thorn,

The women weep and wail, their hearts, torn.

For me you bleed, that I shall neither hunger nor thirst

Mocked, stripped and beaten, still you put me first,

Crucified by men, so one day, my Father I may meet?

Your grace overwhelms me Lord, I fall at your feet!


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About author

Wanjiru Ndung'u

Wanjiru Ndung'u writes fiction, poetry and essays. She is an irretrievable night owl, tea-lover and cat mom. She enjoys books, alternative music, movies and streaming shows.

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Fall at your feet

A woman is healed by clasping at your cloak’...

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