Day out at Kisames
April 4, 2017
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I am increasingly becoming addicted to travelling. Whether it’s a day trip or several days of camping, I’m more likely to take the opportunity when it presents itself rather than decline – especially when it involves being out in nature. There’s nothing like it. It’s therapeutic to the soul. Nature is unpretentious- what you see is what it is. Unlike people who are good at putting on masks…that’s a story for another post. Today I recount my experience at the incredible Ngong Hills.

Turbines at the Ngong Wind Station.
Turbines at the Ngong Wind Station. These things are huge!

Usually I’m skeptical about group plans (you know how they go) but surprisingly this one turned out well. It was to be a day out with fellow photographers and the line-up included some of our favourite things: good food, good environment and great photos. Not to brag but as usual I arrived at the pick-up point before everyone else. After a while, the rest arrived and we set off for Kisames, which is 12Km from Ngong town.

Weaver bird in tree.
Lovely birdlife at Kisames.

The sun was blazing as if it was on a revenge mission. Whoever made it angry should apologize because surely! It’s too much even for Kenya’s hot season. Add Ngong Road’s notorious traffic jam to the mix and you can guess it was a long journey indeed. When we finally arrived, I was blown away by the beautiful landscape. As I keep saying, Kenya is a beautiful country. Makes me determined to travel and see it all! We have so much diversity of climates, landscapes, cultures, plant and animal life. We are blessed.

Ngong Hills, Kenya.
Imagine waking up to such a view every day.

Kisames Giraffe Camp at the foot of Ngong Hills was our venue for the day. There are grounds for team-building activities as well as accommodation. We found a group taking part in ziplining and some guys looked freaked out. Our main concern was to eat first so we headed straight for lunch. The banda had tastefully laid out African décor. Plus we had the view of a certain hill in the distance. And some Weavers were in the trees nearby waiting for crumbs. Fine dining experience I say. One of us commented that even if you’re an atheist, there are some things that make you believe in God, like the delicious food we were served.

Dining area with African decor.
What a cool setting for a meal.

After the heavy lunch we shared our experiences in photography. The challenges we’ve faced, how we got started, successes, joys and pains. It feels good to be with like-minded people. Those who understand what you have been through. As the rest shared their stories, mine felt so small. These guys have done great things! I just listened in amazement and hoped to one day reach where they are. (Catch up on my journey into photography story here.)

Weaver bird in tree.
“What’s down there?” One of the weavers that joined us for lunch.

Soon it was time to leave. Time truly flies when you’re having fun. We intended to catch the sunset from the top of Ngong Hills. Since it was already late we had to drive as though flying to get there on time. We had to stop briefly on the way to let a giraffe cross the road. How cool! We made it to the hilltop in time and were rewarded with a breathtaking sight. Mountains, hills and plateaus bathed in golden light. I was so amazed that for a moment I forgot we were supposed to be shooting.

View of plateaus from Ngong Hills, Kenya.
Great expanse of undulating plateaus.
Photographer on Ngong Hills at sunset.
Shoot everywhere.

When I did begin shooting though I was disappointed for not getting the shots I wanted. Being tired also didn’t help. But I learnt something that day: when you’re not feeling into it, waiting a little can make a world of difference. I got my best shots after the sun had set. Since words can’t do justice in describing that landscape, I’ll let the photos step in.

Photographers on Ngong Hills at sunset.
Never miss an opportunity for a portrait.
A: Ngong Hills at sunset.
Sunset beauty.
Tiny humans and dramatic skies.
Ngong Hills at sunset.
Time to head home.

That was definitely a day well spent. I hadn’t been to Ngong Hills before (embarrassing, I know). Given the fun I had that day, I have to go back. Oh, and if planning to visit, beware of the cold! It gets very chilly up there especially as night approaches.

Turbines at Ngong Hills Wind Farm, Kenya.
Little humans and large turbines.

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