You’re Still You

Jill and Waita’s Story

Short Stories You're Still You
In the Reeds
October 15, 2020
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We’re both laughing now because we’re buzzed but also because we’re on the precipice of something momentous. A knowledge has passed between us that in the cosmic thread that connects us both, a new bond is forming. Whatever I say will influence whatever life decision he’s struggling with. However it goes, we’ll both remember this night. The laughter is just to quell the jitters.
Short Stories You're Still You
A Moment Longer
September 17, 2020
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What we both know to be true, but which remains unsaid, is that I don’t get invited to family road trips because I’m single. The wives don’t like me. They don’t like how I stand with their men sipping old-fashioneds while they grill, with no kids to run around after. They envy my freedom. And they hate that I’m privy to all of their husbands’ inside jokes because I tag along to all the stuff they don’t get invited to.