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Wanjiru Ndung’u

Wanjiru Ndung’u is a published poet and Founder of The Hooting Owl. She writes fiction short stories, poetry and dabbles in the occasional non-fiction project. She is an irretrievable, tea-loving night owl who enjoys people watching.

She has a published:
Young Adult Romance Novel on Amazon Hot for Hunt –> Link :

Poetry Guide Book on Amazon Poetry ABC –> Link 

Our Story

We started as a personal development blog sharing wellness tips, which is what you will find in our Wellness category. Early this year I grew restless while writing non-fiction, so I began to tinker with a fiction story that I hoped to turn into a novel. I sat on it for a few months exploring my characters. Around the same time, the 11th BikoZulu Masterclass opened up and I signed up without missing a beat.

From this class, learning at the feet of Jackson Biko, Oyunga Pala and Florence Bett, Njambi and Kagwe’s world was born. I had no idea it would unfold into a weekly series, but I have enjoyed writing it so immensely that each new week, I find fresh subject matter to explore.

The Hooting Owl has now grown into a creative writing blog exploring urban life and relationships. It is centred on Njambi and Kagwe’s trials and triumphs in marriage and runs weekly every Thursday.

Welcome to the Hooting Owl Tribe. It is a pleasure having you on board.

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