Think of yourself as a river. You chart your own course. Sometimes you meet great cliffs and boulders in your way so you change course, take a different direction and go on your way. You don’t stop there. You are ever flowing. You do not get frozen at this one cliff you cannot bore into. You are not meant to bore into it anyway because your path is much simpler than that! It is by nature, that of effortless ease. So you correct your course and move along.

Sometimes (as a river and as a person), you will find that humans have ‘reclaimed’ land and built their structures on your natural course. When your energy is low, your voice is drowned and you aren’t able to forge your own path, you will find yourself following all these detours that people outside of yourself have placed for you. However, (and this is bound to happen no matter how long it takes), each time you are energized, and you find your voice, you will always follow your natural course of effortless ease and you will sweep away the little bridges and houses and obstructions that people have placed on your path rather assertively. This is what happens in nature and it is what our nature is.

A path of effortless ease

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Wanjiru Ndung'u

Wanjiru Ndung'u writes fiction, poetry and essays. She is an irretrievable night owl, tea-lover and cat mom. She enjoys books, alternative music, movies and streaming shows.

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    Greatly inspired <3 Keep going

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    Yeah! Forwad ever backward never. keep on rolloling