12 Simple Ideas on how to Nourish your Soul
February 20, 2016
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For most of our lives, we are taught to identify with our bodies and minds. Once we are born, the first 25 or so years of our lives are spent going through a wanting education system (in most parts of the world anyway). We are taught that we must be brilliant in school or be great at sports. Careers in music, art or poetry are disdained. They don’t always yield substantial returns and so most of our creative bones are stifled.

A Material World

As we grow up, almost everything we see around us is focused on the body. Material gratification is highly emphasized in our society. Advertisements and music videos are just some of the vessels through which these subliminal messages are put across. At one time, being a size zero was what every girl aspired to, and acquiring six pack abs was every guy’s dream. Then came the twerking sensation and suddenly, size zero just wouldn’t do. Women now need an abundant backside to fit into the cool crowd. Suddenly, Kim Kardashian is the coolest of them all. Outward appearance is now an obsession with the selfie revolution taking place and social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter riding the wave. Young and old people alike have found themselves increasingly troubled by their body image.


We are living in a material world.

We are living in a material world.

Your True Nature

The truth is, you aren’t made up of just two parts. You aren’t just a body and a mind. Your true nature, is that you are a Soul. You are a being of light. You are love. Your true Self is the Soul that houses your body and your mind for the purpose of experiencing human life through them. Soul is an indestructible field of awareness that houses both mind and body – contrary to popular belief/imagination that it is the body that houses the Soul.

The Primary Purposes of your Soul

The two primary purposes of Soul (and arguably the only purposes that matter) are:

  1. To direct our human lives by exercising free will
  2. To experience human life by becoming aware of it

The Soul accomplishes these two purposes through perception and direction of these three elements:

  1. The mind – through thoughts
  2. The heart – through feelings or emotions (both negative and positive)
  3. The body – through senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell)

Specifically, the Soul experiences human life by thinking, feeling and acting. Therefore, you cannot solely be a human vessel that thinks or feels, or acts. In fact, human nature is not your true nature. You are a spirit – made in the image and likeness of God/I AM/The Creator/Source/Spirit. The one thing that most mainstream religions agree on is the Trinity. We ourselves come in that form as well – mind, body and Soul. Our existence is centered mainly on thinking, feeling and acting. It’s what we do every single day. These are the things that make up our human experience or what we otherwise call our lives.

Why you need to nurture your Soul

With this knowledge and awareness, it is now more than ever imperative, that we begin to live life as it was intended – from the point of view of the Experiencer who chooses his/her own experience. It is time we begin to tap into that power to choose our own experiences – those that serve us. It is time to take control and responsibility for our time here on earth and do away with the notion that things just happen to us.

However, because for virtually all of our lives we haven’t had the chance to look to Soul for guidance and have relied mostly on logic, our whimsical feelings and only on occasion, intuition, we must first begin by nurturing and nourishing Soul out of it’s long, forgotten state. Just as the body is fed with food, and the mind is fed with books, so does the soul need feeding. You’ve heard the saying music is food for the soul, and it is.

Arguably, the biggest problems that we face today stem from the starvation of our souls.

Nourishing your Soul can be as simple as allowing a flower to blossom. It is taking pleasure in the simple things in life – in other words, allowing Soul to enjoy positive human experiences.

12 simple ideas

  1. Do deep breathing exercises
  2. Light some scented candles or incense sticks
  3. Take a few moments for yourself each day to pray and meditate
  4. Dance like noone is watching
  5. Sing your heart out or listen to some uplifting or calming tunes
  6. Read a good book
  7. Smell the flowers, taste the rain or the morning dew or soak in the woody, minty scent of pine cones – in other words, commune with nature.
  8. Watch a sunrise or sunset and paint, draw, photograph it or write a poem about it.
  9. Run in the wind or let the wind run in you.
  10. Take a hot bath with your favourite scented gels
  11. Try your hand at gardening – nurture a rose bush, daisies, lilies or just a good old-fashioned vegetable patch.
  12. Take some time off to say your prayers and affirmations

When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.

Mahatma Gandhi


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